The Web Design Process We Adhere To

One of the most common questions we get from clients is “What is your Web Design process?”. This is a very understandable question, and one that must be answered with clarity and detail. Please note that not all web design companies will follow this process – I’m sure they all have their own – but for 10 years this is the process we have used and found to be most effective. At Media Giant Design, we break our website design process into 4 major milestones:


All of our projects being with the “Plan” milestone of the web design process. During this phase we work with you to strategize and collect all of the information necessary to develop your website design project.

It all starts with a meeting with your account manager and website designer.

During this meeting we will develop a strategy that takes the best your company has to offer and combines it with a professional website marketing tool. You know your business and we know web design – between the two of us we can develop a perfect strategy!

After this meeting, we will request materials from you. This is the information collection step. The checklist for this step varies by project but some common checklist items include collecting information such as:

  • Existing Logo and Branding Materials
  • Photography and Image Collection
  • Collection of Existing Marketing Materials
  • Functional Requirements
  • Integration Information
  • Current Website Access Credentials (for redesigns)

Once the collection checklist for your project is completed, our team of designers are ready to go to work on the 2nd milestone – the Design phase.


The second phase of our web design process is the Design milestone. In this phase our expert team of website designers go to work developing the various components that will make up your site design.

  • This phase starts with the design of your home page. Our website designers will design a homepage for your new website. This page is simply a mockup of what your site could look like. It will include all of the elements discussed during your strategy meeting.

    Once the designer has completed the initial homepage mockup, it will be sent to you for review. You will review the homepage with the website designer, giving them feedback and changes you’d like to see to the sites header, menu items, colors, fonts, etc. These changes will be made to the home page and then the designer will move on to developing the inner pages.
  • Using the page definitions created in the Plan phase, your website designer will develop all of the inner pages of your site. Once the inner pages are completed by the designer, they will once again be turned over to you for review. You will review the inner pages with the website designer, giving them feedback and changes you’d like to see on the inner pages. These changes will be made by the website designer and at that point the Design milestone is completed.


The Development milestone is the 3rd milestone in our web design process. It is where the technical work on your site is completed. For all sites we do this includes Mobile Optimization, Content Application, Product Setup (for ecommerce websites) but for those sites that require custom functionality this is where all the programming and development happens. This milestones requirements vary dramatically from project to project, but all website design projects include:

  • Mobile Optimization
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • SEO Crawl Diagnostics
  • Page Content
  • Product Setup (applicable only to ecommerce sites)


The Test milestone is the 4th and final milestone in our web design process and indicates your completed website is now ready for testing. Our team is now looking for any potential problems which may keep your site from functioning to its maximum potential. This is an internal review of the site, its functionality and its mobile usability. This is conducted internally by the web designer, developer and your account manager.

Once the review is completed and any issues addressed – your website is complete!