Recent studies show that a high percentage of marketers and businesses prefer inbound marketing over Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

First of all, PPC is more costly compared to inbound marketing. 

Secondly, inbound marketing strategies such as blogging, offering high-quality content, and social media marketing are more effective in generating organic leads and conversions as opposed to PPC.

However, despite the excellent results gained from these unpaid advertisements, there are still instances where opting for paid online advertising or PPC can be a smart choice for businesses. 


Because for one, this is an effective way of gaining online exposure while working their way towards Google’s first page results. 

Another reason is that PPC accurately tracks the number of clicks and conversions which is essential for any business. 

This is also particularly important to self-storage facilities as this allows them to trace back online reservations to any sponsored ads that are clicked and make immediate changes to strategies that need improvement.

With the constant rise of smartphone users at present, more and more consumers access the internet to search for self-storage providers. That is why it is critical for your self-storage facility and service to be visible during the local search for a provider.

Since there is much competition online for the self-storage industry, it is understandable why customer acquisition can prove to be challenging especially to the less established facilities. No wonder a lot of self-storage businesses invests on both PPC and organic advertisements as this is an excellent way of expanding their online visibility. This is also their means of driving instant organic traffic to their clients’ websites.

And because self-storage is competitive online, relevant and high-quality PPC keywords are becoming more expensive. The price of the keyword is the amount of money self-storage owners have to pay every time a customer clicks on the keyword. This is also known as Cost Per Click or CPC. So, if a single click costs $15, that amount is automatically deducted from your web marketing budget even if that visitor stays only for a second. This is the reason why it is necessary for your PPC and keywords to focus on your target market as clicking will consume your marketing budget.

Along with the growth of performance-based ads (PPC) is the prevalence of hacking software and bots that are secretly used just to click on ads.

Sadly, a popular tracking system concluded that these fraudulent clicking came from self-storage owners and managers whose aim is to sabotage its competitor by exhausting the budget limits even before the expiration date.

Another example is if you intentionally click on paid ads with the goal of increasing your rival’s marketing cost which in turn depletes his budget. 

But did you know that by doing these clicking hacks not only damages your competitors but hurts your business as well?

For one, malicious clicking drains the budget allocated for your location. In addition to that, malicious clicking may cause a dent to your competitors’ budget but just the same you are also helping them move their listing ahead of yours making their ads popular with Google. Also, you can be penalized once caught.

So just a tip to all self-storage managers and operators, think before you click.

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