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Our high-performance, super-reliable web hosting was designed with one thing in mind – your success! We offer plans for newbies and experienced professionals alike – ease of use coupled with lots of power under the hood. Need more performance? Try our Business class of services.

Not all Web Hosting is created equally. Most hosting companies build servers out of the cheapest available components, and then jam pack as many customers onto the server as possible. Not at Media Giant Design.

When we say business class web hosting we mean it. All of our business class hosting customers are hosted on top of the line boxes, featuring high speed SSD raid systems, multi-core multi-processor systems with crazy amounts of system ram – but what makes us really different – is we only push them to 50% capacity. This ensures EVERY site running on our business class servers get the business class performance they deserve.

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Try us out for 30 days – if you’re not completely satisfied – we’ll refund you 100% of the purchase price.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Fast, Reliable Web Hosting and Dedicated Servers by Media Giant Design

Powerful, Fast and Affordable

Hosting is someting most digital marketing companies outsource – reselling various providers services such as GoDaddy, BlueHost, HostGator, DreamHost – to name a few. Our founder didnt believe in this practice, deciding that would lead to inefficient customer service and issues resolution requiring a 3rd party. Instead, he opted to build our hosting infrastructure from day 1 and since the day we started we’e offered our own hosting.


A + Customer Support

We’re here when you need help. We offer Live Support, Knowledgebase and Tickets to ensure you get solutions to your problems.

Super Fast

Our servers are built with top end hardware and huge amounts of ram. Our network operates at 10gbe and is multi-homed across 6 major carriers.

Daily Cloud Backups

All of our shared, wordpress and ecommerce servers are backed up everyday onto the cloud. We maintain these backups for 30 days.

FREE Email Accounts

Every hosting plan we offer comes with Webmail and Unlimited Email Accounts at no additional charge.

FREE SSL Certificates

Every Media Giant Design hosting plan includes a Free SSL Certificate to keep you site and customers secure.

SSD/NVME Servers

The disk subsystems of our servers are nothing but SSD or nVME drives. Forget about RAIDS, these things are ridiculous for I/O.

Fast, Reliable And Affordable Web Hosting

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Our web hosting services are built for speed and reliability first. Follow that up with top notch technology, hardware and support and you have something truly special. Learn more about our web hosting services.

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Nicholas Martin

Great service by these guys. Always happy to help and get back to me the same day with any queries. My business wouldn’t thrive as

Dr Real 4Life

I am so happy that I reached out to Media Giant Design. This company is arguably the BEST in the Treasure Coast Area. They deliver

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Try us out for 30 days – if you’re not completely satisfied – we’ll refund you 100% of the purchase price.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

It can be difficult to make decisions about whats right or wrong for your business. Because of this we encourage everyone to review our site, our FAQ, Reviews and Knowledgebase to see if we’re a good fit. If you’re still unsure – Call Us or Chat Us we’d be happy to answer your questions. No strings attached.
Do I Really Need A Website For My Business?

Every business needs a website because the web is the first place people go when looking for products or services. A website helps your business grow, find new customers, build a reputation, compete with other businesses and control your brand.

Why is professional email necessary?

The fact is that customers are more likely to trust a professional email address like sales@mystore.com than an email address at Google, Microsoft, or AOL. In addition, personalized email addresses promote your business more effectively by advertising your web address with every single email you send, and encouraging them to visit your website.

What makes Media Giant Design's Hosting good?

With nearly 12 years of building our network and supporting our clients, we have the experience and technology to provide fast, affordable, and reliable web hosting services. We service small and large businesses, bloggers, hobbyists, you name it – and they rely on our web hosting platform to maintain their online presence.

How do you help businesses succeed online?

Media Giant Design does a lot more than just designing logos and websites, we offer everything you need to establish and build a professional online presence. In addition to creative design work, we offer web hosting to keep your site fast, secure and online. We include FREE email to give you that professional look, and we offer digital marketing services that help businesses get traffic and grow their sales. We are truly a one stop shop for our clients.

Why should I buy my domains from Media Giant Design?

Domains at Media Giant Design are exactly the same as domains at GoDaddy or some other registrar, the key difference is ours come pre-configured to work with our servers, and we dont play games with our renewal rates like many of our competitors do.

Why do I need a logo in the first place?

A logo is your brand’s visual identity. It gives your business a face that people identify you by. It helps them remember your business even in the sea of brands. But your logo must stick in their mind for all the right reasons.

What is your logo maker service?

Media Giant’s Logo Maker service is a tool that we developed that allows you to design and tweak logos by yourself. You won’t pay for anything until you come up with a design you love. This is a self-serve service and does not involve working with our graphic designers.

Do you make logos without using your logo maker app?

Yes! For over 12 years we have custom designed logos and built brands as a creative agency. To build a truly unique logo you need creative ideas from real people. That’s where our logo design service comes in. Using this service, our designers design logo concepts for you based on your description, which results in a completely custom logo design. It means you get a unique logo created by experienced designers quickly and easily.

What is "logo design" and why is it important?

In simple words, logo designing is a process in which symbols, text, images, colors, and other elements are arranged in a unified way. This arrangement helps create a unique brandmark that resonates with your brand.
A well-designed business logo is the face of your company and the building-block of your brand identity. You can use it on your website, business card, brochure, label, package, and in all marketing materials. A thoughtfully-designed custom logo lets your audience quickly know what you do as a brand and what your value propositions are. Get a custom logo design now!

What will I receive with my logo design?

You will receive a custom logo design. You will also get industry-standard ready-to-go files that you can use for printing and online purposes.

Do I need to prepare anything in advance of you designing our logo?

Yes, you need to prepare some ideas. You probably want to have some idea of what your business logo should look like, the colors to be used, an icon to be chosen, etc. The more you describe your logo design needs, the better the logo we’re going to produce for you.

Do I need to prepare anything in advance of you designing our logo?

Yes! If you have a particular image like icons/symbols that you want to include in your logo, please upload them to the logo design brief section (visible after purchase) and submit it to our designers.