Media Giant Design Named #1 Provider in North America for Web Design and Programming by

The Success of Media Giant Design is defined by their focus on Quality, Innovation and Customer Satisfaction – Something Overseas Firms Lack Miserably

The recent trend of outsourcing software and web development projects overseas has badly affected the industry in Europe and US. The reason why businesses choose to outsource overseas is because foreign firms prefer cost over quality and offer extremely low-cost solutions. Media Giant Design, a US based web and programming solution provider, is striving to re-establish the importance of quality by offering unique and innovative solutions at affordable rates.

October 11th, 2011, Media Giant Design was ranked the #1 provider for web and programming in North America by On a worldwide comparison between 120,000 foreign and domestic competitors, Media Giant Design was awarded the 22nd rank for the same category. Excited about the success and achievements, Rick Simnett, “We won’t say that it was an easy journey. It was a long road full of hurdles. The foreign competition is stiff in this industry, yet we prevailed as a true American success story. The excitement is unexplainable. Now we are all pumped up to take our performance to the next level.” 

Mr. Simnett credits this success to his team’s persistent efforts and the company’s uncompromised commitment to quality. The company has introduced many innovative strategies and approaches in the industry. The achievements of Media Giant Design will encourage more and more software firms to follow in their footsteps. “While the industry is badly plagued by low-cost low-quality work, we dare to break the convention for good,” adds Mr. Simnett.

One convention that Media Giant Design has really broken is the application of the same formula for every project. It has become a typical approach for software firms to focus only on solutions that offer better navigation and user-interface. However, Mr. Simnett strongly emphasizes on designing a unique solution according to the individual requirements of each project. For this purpose, the team carries an in-depth analysis of the business process, functions and goals of their clients.

Due to the hard work and effort the team put in every project, Media Giant Design does not claim to provide the most low-cost solutions available today. However, Mr. Simnett is of the opinion that the clients looking for quality work would not mind paying a little more. Mr. Simnett comments, “We aren’t the cheapest, if you want that, go to India. But if you want the job done right, the first time, and to be made right here in America, by Americans, then you want us.”

Media Giant Design has proven that despite the current corporate outsourcing trend, American firms can still compete on a global scale.

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