What is Google Ads? Everything You Need To Know.

If you have ever wondered what is Google Ads and why is it becoming the most effective medium for search marketing, then read on. Google Ads is a dynamic, completely interactive ad network that is similar to an online television station where advertisers can post any ads of their choice. It is a wide and varied advertising medium that has the potential to attract thousands of visitors, through the use of keywords, text ads, image ads and video ads.

As compared to other ad networks, Google ad network offers a simple yet effective way of displaying ads. It displays advertising across the entire internet and enables customers to purchase products and services through the internet. The only requirement is that the potential customer is either searching for something specific or on a site that relates to a specific topic. There is a bit more to it than that – but that is the basic concept.

The use of keywords and search are one of the most effective manners to attract potential customers. When a person has a need or interest what do they do? They search Google. If your ad is positioned properly they will see your ad and if they are interested they will click on it and visit your website. This is an extremely effective way of advertising. To make things even better you don’t pay anything if they don’t click on your ad. This billing model is referred to as Pay Per Click advertising.

So How Does Google Ads Work?

Google Ads is a very simple thing to get started.

In a nutshell, you create an account, set the keywords and area you want your ads to show for and then create some ads. But there is alot more to understand than the basics. The first thing you have to understand that every time a search occurs for one of your keywords – in the split second before your ad shows – an auction occurs. Google Ads first identifies all the advertisers (you) that are bidding on the keyword, and then figures out who the highest bidder is. The dynamics of how this work is complex but essentially the first listing pays the most, then the second in the list pays the 2nd most and so on all the way down the page. If you aren’t in the top 8 to 10 for that particular search your ad doesn’t show.

What Is A Display Ad?

Google operates several different channels under Google Ads. The first channel which everyone is familiar with is Search, but there are 2 other channels as well – Display and Video. The display network is where Display Ads happen.

Display ads are image (banner) ads that appear on Google websites, as well as millions of other 3rd party websites. In fact, a vast majority of the image ads you see on websites today are driven by Google. So how do they get there?

Well, in the Googles Display Network you can target by keyword like you can on search, but you can also target by other selectors such as topics / interests, placement and demographics. For example, if you sell socks and want people to learn about your brand of socks, you may target a display ad by the keyword “socks”, the topic of “shoes” or “footwear” and you may choose placements such as shoe blogs.

Demographic targetting allows you to take things a step further. Not only can you target them based on the above, but now you can specify specifics of who you want to show your ads to. You can demographically target people by age, gender and income. This allows you to not only show your ads to people based on interest but also based on parameters that will make them more likely to respond to your ad.

How Do Video Ads Work?

Video ads are just like Display Ads except they show on YouTube and other websites that support video. Every time you see an ad before a video you want to view plays its probably a Google Video Ad. Video ads work a little bit differently than the other ads that Google offer. 

The first thing to be aware of is that Google will force the viewer to watch at least 5 seconds of your video ad before they can skip it. If they skip it after the 5 seconds happens then you don’t pay a thing – but – if they click the ad or watch it for 15 seconds or more – you get charged. Again, you will be charged even if they don’t click if they watch the video for 15 seconds or more.

The second thing to be aware of is to advertise using video on Google, you have to have a YouTube channel. This is where you have to upload your videos before you can set them up as ads.

Other than that, everything works about the same as display ads – which makes it relatively easy to set your ads up to be seen.

In Summary

Google Ads is a powerful way for your business to attract more customers. Between the Search, Display and Video channels you can cover alot of ground quickly – and by using Googles advanced targetting you can get your ads in front of the right people.

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