Checking and Repairing Databases

Sometimes problems can occur in a database, such as broken tables and references, which might disrupt website functionality. In Plesk Onyx, users can try to solve some of such problems by using the Plesk UI. Plesk employs the native functionality of database management tools for checking and repairing databases. For example, for MySQL databases it uses the mysqlcheck utility.

To check and repair a database:

  1. Go to Websites & Domains > Databases > Check and Repair in a database tools pane.
  2. If problems are found, click the link See Details and Resolve.The list of tables and corresponding problems will open. For MySQL databases, you can choose the tables that you would like to repair. For Microsoft SQL databases, you can repair an entire database only.Click Repair Selected (for MySQL) or Repair (for Microsoft SQL).

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