Copying Databases

Plesk allows you to copy databases from one database server registered in Plesk to another, as well as to any remote server, provided that the source and the destination servers are of the same type, for example, MySQL.

You can copy a database by running Websites & Domains > Databases > Copy for this database and specifying the destination server, the subscription and the database name. For a remote server, you should select Other in the Database destination serverlist and provide the following additional information:

  • Host name or IP address of the remote database server.
  • Username and password of the remote database server’s administrator. For example, the MySQL administrator’s credentials.

Note: When you choose an existing database as a destination, those tables in the destination database whose names also appear in the source database will be fully replaced.


When you copy a database, you can choose whether to create a full database copy including data in the tables (the Create a full copy option), or to copy only the database structure. In the latter case, Plesk will create tables without data in the destination database.

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