Miki Lee


I wasn’t very happy with Media Giant at first. I didnt understand what they were doing for my SEO and didnt see results. Rick kept telling me SEO is a slow process, but I wasn’t buying it – but I was patient. Well I’m glad I was patient, Im not 5 months into my SEO with them, and the needle has moved in a BIG WAY. I went from about 0 visitors per day to my site, to 30 visitors per day, and Im already ranking #2!

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Roses and Thistles

The team at Media Giant was great. Totally got me and my idea from the moment I met with them. A+

Ronald Barr

I used media giant design to redesign my online store. They moved it from Shopify to WordPress, and build the catalog and checkout to my

Linda Simos

Rick helped me with both my companies websites and has also helped me get on the 1st page of Google with SEO strategies. He is

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