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Cloning a WordPress Site

Cloning a WordPress Site Cloning a WordPress site is creation of its full copy with all web site files, database, and settings. You may want

Checking and Repairing Databases

Sometimes problems can occur in a database, such as broken tables and references, which might disrupt website functionality. In Plesk Onyx, users can try to

Checking Disk Usage by Mailboxes

If you need to check disk usage for a mail account, go to Mail tab and check the Usage gauge for the mail account in question. You can see

Changing Mailbox Size

If you need to change the mailbox size for a mail account, do the following: Go to Mail, and click the email address. Under Another size, type

Changing FTP Access Credentials

To change FTP account username or password of your system user: Go to Files> FTP Access. Click on the FTP account you want to change. Type a

Apple Mail Access

The instructions provided in this section were verified against Apple Mail 8.2. They might not work with earlier or later versions of Apple Mail. To

Apache and NGINX Settings

Plesk uses the Apache web server (About Apache HTTP Server) to deliver the pages of your website to clients (such as browsers through which visitors access your

Additional Services for Your Email

Some email-related web apps (such as webmail or antispam) can provide a part of their functionality directly in your Customer Panel. For example, you can