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My Invoices

Invoices are stored in one convenient place to view and manage all of your listed invoices. Here, you can make payments and view past invoices.

Mass Payment

Mass Payment of Invoices allows you to pay for multiple invoices in a single transaction. This is often quicker and more convenient for user with

Logging Out Of Your Customer Account

Your customer account holds all of your important information pertaining to your domains and your billing information. It’s a good idea to log out of

How to Renew Your Domain

If one of your domains is about to expire, you can renew your domains right from your Customer Portal. To renew domains: 1. Navigate to Domains>Renew

Adding or Removing Account Contacts

Within your Customer Portal, You can add a list of contacts for your account and determine who gets sent notifications about your accounts, domains and

How To Set or Reset Your Password

Keeping your account secure is very important. Understanding how to set and reset your account passwords is important. This guide will show you how. If

How To Use The Knowledgebase

Welcome to the Media Giant Design Knowledge Base! This article provides information about how to get the most out of the Knowledge Base. What is