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Disabling DNS Services

By default, domains created in Plesk use the Plesk DNS server for name resolution. However, in some situations it is not desirable. For example, if

Creating and Accessing Databases

You can create and remove databases in Websites & Domains > Databases. You can create a database by specifying its name. If your subscription grants you the corresponding

Creating Backups

CREATING A MANUAL BACKUP To create a manual backup: Go to Services > My Services Find the domain you want to manually backup. Click “Activate”. 

Create a Mail Account

To create an email address: Go to Mail. Click Create Email Address. Type the left part of the email address before the @ sign, and, if you

Create Your Site

There are three general ways to create a website: Employ a web design studio to create a site for you, and then you will just

Copying Databases

Plesk allows you to copy databases from one database server registered in Plesk to another, as well as to any remote server, provided that the

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (or CMS) are third-party applications that provide a graphical user interface for adding and editing website content: pages, scripts, files, multimedia content, and so

Configuring DNSSEC for a Domain

DNSSEC is the extension of the DNS protocol that allows signing DNS data in order to secure the domain name resolving process. For general information

Configuring DNS via Domain Connect

Configuring DNS settings manually can be a difficult task. Instead, you can use the Domain Connect extension, which helps you configure DNS automatically via Domain Connect, an