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Introduction to Domains and DNS

A domain name is the name that people type in their browsers to access your website. A domain name is hierarchical and can consist of

Installing WordPress

To install a new WordPress instance, go to Websites & Domains > WordPress and click Install. The following installation options are available: For an express installation, click Install (Quick). The latest

How to Add Subdomains

If your hosting package includes subdomains, which are additional third-level domain names, then you can use them to: Organize logically the structure of your site.

How To Use Host Forwarding

HOST FORWARDING You can point one or more registered domain names to the same physical website, by using the domain name forwarding. This allows automatic

How To Setup Mail Forwarding

Learn how to setup mail forwarding with your Media Giant Design Hosting Plan. Watch the Video Now. Please note: This functionality is only available to

How To Setup Email Auto-Replies

Learn how to setup email auto-replies with Media Giant Design’s Hosting Plans. Watch the video. Please note: This functionality is only available to customers that

How To Renew Your SSL Certificate

Learn how to renew your Free SSL Certificates included with your Media Giant Design hosting services. Please note this functionality is available to all Media